If you do not activate the chip, no one knows who you are or how to contact you!
A shelter will read the microchip number, but no owner information is attached.   Your pet is at risk of being adopted or being euthanized if an owner cannot be found!

If someone finds your lost pet, the odds are high they will take him/her to a local shelter. This will waste time, cause anxiety for your pet and cost you money when you go to the shelter to claim your pet.

Safe Places™ prevents all of that!  Once you are a member, login and list two ‘Safe Places’. Neighbors, friends or family.  When your pet is found by someone, we will give that person the location of your nearest ‘Safe Place’.  Your pet is simply dropped off and never enters a shelter.  You can change your Safe Places™ any time!

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Now you can train your pet from anywhere, at anytime.  Just login to your Member Account, choose the video you need and train away!!  Free to members and updated frequently so training can be fun.

Simple.  Any type, any brand.  Our Registry is universal!  You do not even need to know the brand name.  You can even move pets from other registries here – so all of your pets can be managed in one place. 

Your pet’s chip is smaller than a grain of rice.  It is bio-compatible and safe.  It is located on the back, deeply under the skin between the shoulder blades.

If your pet is ever missing you can launch a free SearchALERT!  Just call or login to your account.  A SearchALERT is a nationwide notification placed on your pet’s microchip with this logo –  Search Alert logo
The chip is flagged in our database AND in the national tracking system.  

The scanner sends a quick radio signal to the chip.  The pet feels nothing.  When the chip number appears in the scanner window, the shelter or veterinarian will then contact us to find the registered owner connected to the microchip number.

$22.95 for registration and activation.  Includes any updates at any time,  and all SearchAlerts.
You will be protected by two nationally recognized databases.  For life.  No more fees. Ever.

Call us immediately if your pet is lost OR log in to your web account and push the LOST button.  A Pet SearchALERT is posted on the national system.  Send our official lost pet picture to your social network.  Call us for help and guidance.  When your pet is found, we will let you know – fast!

Yes.  There is no charge to keep your contact info updated and secure.  We recommend that you make sure all of your contact info is current!  (Don’t wait until your pet is lost.)

Yes.  An Alternate Contact can be provided and changed at any time.

No.  No renewal fees. No annual fees.  Your registration is maintained with full Member Benefits for as long as you own the pet.  

You will be quickly enrolled in 2 national databases:
1.  The Official Microchip Registration Center

2.  The National Pet Microchip Lookup Tool
You will also receive by First Class mail a complete Confirmation Packet which includes a Member Card and Ownership Certificate . 

Yes.  All information you provide to us is protected by our published Privacy Policy. View and read our entire Privacy Policy

Most countries require that a pet be microchipped in order to enter that country. The chip number must be 15-digits long and is referred to as an ISO chip (it meets the specifications of the International Standards Organization.)
You can order that chip here in our Store and have your vet install it.

> NEED THE DETAILS BY COUNTRY? The USDA has it all for you HERE.
Questions?  Call ~ (800) 434-2843.

Yes.  Many of our customers were paying annual fees or Lost Pet fees to other registries. They have moved all of their pets here to save time and money!  You will pay only the initial registration fee, and never anything more. SearchALERTS are free. Changes are free. No more annual fees.
Best of all…All of your pets will be viewable in your web account and you can manage them with a click!

The fastest way to handle this is by phone.  Call us anytime at 800.434.2843. We will document your permission to transfer your pet to the new owner.   Quick and simple!
Note:  The the new owner will be required to start over with their own private registration and fee.  They will receive a customized Confirmation Packet and certificate. 

Yes.  Call 800.434.2843